Propane Info & Safety


  • How is propane different from other fuels?
  • Propane is colorless, odorless and can be either liquid or gas.
  • Propane is a liquid that is transferred into gas for domestic use.
  • An odor is added to propane to make it identifiable when you smell it.
  • Propane is a by-product of natural gas and petroleum when it is processed and refined.


What to do when you smell propane…

  • Shut off all appliances, valves (shut off clockwise) and all flammable materials, if it is safe to do so.
  • Leave your home immediately. Do not call from your home.  Get away and call by cell phone or a neighbor’s phone for 911.
  • When you return to your home, do not turn on your appliance. Contact your service technician to have them do it.


  • Always secure your cylinder in an upright location in your vehicle.
  • Make sure the valve is off before loading and transporting. (Shut off clockwise)
  • Keep your cylinder in a well-vented location. Do not leave it in a hot vehicle.
  • Do not haul your tank all over. Take it to be filled and then return to your location.
  • Store your cylinders at home in a safe location. One that is given by your locally owned propane supplier.
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