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Propane Gas Delivery & Fuel Oil Services

About JFF Propane

JFF Propane is the ONLY locally owned and operated propane gas delivery and fuel oil supplier in Polson, Ronan, Arlee, Charlo, St. Ignatius, and the Mission Valley. Also offering propane delivery and service and propane installation in Thompson Falls, Plains, Heron and Noxon.  (Refined Fuels and Diesel delivery and services not available in Sanders County.)

Fulfilling fuel energy needs for our Mission Valley and Sanders county customers year-round.

Thank you for choosing JFF Propane for all your propane gas and fuel energy needs.

For further information concerning what JFF Propane has to offer, contact us at (406) 676-3461.

Fuel truck and employee

Fuel Services


  • Available tanks are 120, 250, 500, 1000 gallons for your home or commercial business use.
  • Above-ground tanks can either be purchased or leased.
  • Underground tanks are for purchase only by the owner.
  • Lease terms for above-ground tanks.
    • Annual lease.
    • Maintained by JFF Propane.
  • Underground tanks.
    • Owner will maintain tank.


  • Installation of tanks is done in a timely manner.
  • All appliances and connections must be done to code. Check with your local contractor or electrician.
  • All specifications as to the location of the tank must meet regulated codes for the safety of the homeowner and the equipment.

Payment Options


  • Charge account available on approved credit
  • Payable on delivery by cash, check or credit card
  • We can provide budget billing options on approval
  • We accept (LIEAP) Low Income Energy Acceptance Program on approval
  • Pre-paid contracts are available


  • Computerized refill program based on degree days and customer history.
  • Available to customers based on approved credit.
  • If there is a change in your propane usage, contact JFF Propane to update new auto fill needs.


  • Customers can monitor their own fuel usage and call JFF Propane when they are ready for a new delivery of fuel.
  • If there is an emergency regarding the level of your tank and you need an immediate fill, there will be a charge added to your fuel bill.
  • If your tank is empty, you will need a safety leak test done by our technician. This extra charge will be added to your bill.


  • We offer a contract sale based on your usage per year.
  • Your usage is re-evaluated annually for the next year.


  • Pro-rated monthly for your annual fuel needs. For customers who are on a budget.
  • Your use of fuel and cost is evaluated annually to set up your pro-rate monthly charge.
  • Budget billing may not always fit your propane needs in the winter. There may be times in which

you will use more fuel than you have in the past.  You will then need to pay more.

  • Non-payment on your budget billing may cause you to be removed from this type of billing.
  • All past due amounts will then need to be paid as soon as possible.


  • The Low Income Energy Assistance Program is available for those who qualify for heating assistance during the winter months.
  • LIEAP is a pre-qualifying program, for more information on this, please call John’s Fuel Farm directly.

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