Propane Info & Safety

PROPANE SAFETY AND INFORMATION How is propane different from other fuels? Propane is colorless, odorless and can be either liquid or gas. Propane is a liquid that is transferred into gas for domestic use. An odor is added to propane to make it identifiable when you smell it. Propane is a by-product of natural gas and petroleum when it is

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Polson Propane Delivery Now Available

John’s Fuel Farm offers Polson Propane Delivery Monday through Friday from 8- 5 pm. Call us anytime to schedule a visit. John’s Fuel Farm has full-time local delivery drivers to ensure our customers always receive reliable service. In addition to our dedicated propane delivery folks, our professional service crew includes technicians who specialize in propane tank installations, propane system maintenance,

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Propane Services in Polson

Our experienced team at John’s Fuel Farm provides propane service for your home or business in Polson, Ronan, Arlee, Charlo, St. Ignatius and throughout the Mission Valley. Our residential and business propane service in Polson and throughout the Mission Valley includes tank setup, and service, as well as many options available to keep your propane gas flowing. Your satisfaction is

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