Propane service in Polson

John's Fuel Farm offer Propane service in PolsonOur experienced team at John’s Fuel Farm provides propane service in Polson for your home or business.

Our residential and business propane service in Polson includes tank setup, and service, as well as many options available to keep your propane gas flowing.  Your satisfaction is important to us. When you need propane gas or service, we will be there for you

Our  automatic delivery service ensures and prevents your home or business from accidentally running out of propane. We will schedule your propane deliveries for you, based on your actual usage. This allows us to ensure that you always have enough propane. We will periodically check your fuel levels and top off your tank as needed. Beginning in late winter, we will monitor your tank & only deliver as necessary in order to reduce the amount of propane in your tank . This will allow you to take advantage of summer pricing and lower your annual fuel costs. If you would rather not have a larger bill at the low summer rate, you may request that we simply keep your tank full. This is a year round service offered free of charge.

Of course we also offer will call service. If you would rather order fuel on your own schedule. We will teach you to check your propane tank  so you are aware of  how much propane gas remains in your tank. This information helps to educate you  on when you should call to place your next fuel order. Monitoring your own tank allows you to estimate & budget. There is no additional charges if you monitor your own tank. Just make sure you keep an eye on it.

In addition to your commercial and residential service we also fill small propane bottles. Bring your small bottles to the office dock and we will refill them for you. We are also able to re-certify these portable tanks if they are out of date. 20#, 30#, 40#, 100#

You can trust that your propane is always delivered & installed by reliable & experienced professionals.  Give us a call today.